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The evidence supporting the role and use of copper touch surfaces is compelling.


  • which touch-surface items or products should you prioritise?
  • How to get best return on investment?
  • Which products are commercially available?
  • How to source & compare products from different suppliers, in an efficient manner?
  • How to “copperise” a hospital room, combining several different items into a “suite” of co-ordinating products all sourced under one purchase order.. on leasing finance if desired?

This is where ACT Surfaces Ltd can help you.
We work closely with microbiologists, healthcare providers, architects & designers and talk to product manufacturers, supporting & promoting development of new items, in new alloys.

We also help other product manufacturers explore the range of effective copper alloys and create new products that augment the choice of copper touch-surface products.

We can help you with scientific evidence, with practical guidance on implementation, specification assistance for effective procurement. We work closely with industry, to widen the range of products and alloy choices.

We help you to source the right items, in the right colours for your desired aesthetics, within your budget and timescales.

Drawing on experience from previous installations and clinical cleaning guidelines, we help you identify the highest-priority items to upgrade, for your setting and requirements.
We can also help you procure or develop bespoke items if desired.

Contact us for assistance: speak to us in confidence about your needs.