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13th – 14th October 2016, Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance, Radisson Blu hotel, Manchester Airport (S, P)

Andrew Cross will be presenting on the copper’s role in improving healthcare efficiency by reducing infection spread via touch surfaces, and that copper’s rapid destruction of plasmids prevents Horizontal Gene Transfer from taking place on copper surfaces.

A conference poster on copper touch surfaces will also be displayed, with references to supporting evidence.

“Breaking the chain of infection – How copper can help tackle Antimicrobial Resistance”
14th October, 11:30-12:05 , Keynote Forum, Meeting Room 105

Antibiotics gave a miraculous boost to healthcare efficiency, saving lives and improving outcomes. But Antimicrobial Resistance (“AMR”) is narrowing our drug-based treatment options to the point where certain infections won’t respond to even our “last resort” antibiotics.

Prevention of infection has taken centre stage once again, with renewed focus on cleaning and hand hygiene. However, these are time-consuming and human behaviour is hard to change.

Healthcare Associated Infections (“HCAIs”) remain prevalent, with significant impact on clinical resources and patient safety. Novel no-touch disinfection systems have been developed, with some benefit but drawbacks include cost and room downtime.

This presentation explores the evidence relating to touch surfaces made from metallic copper and copper-alloys (“Antimicrobial Copper”). Particular focus is paid to the evidence of in-situ antimicrobial efficacy under real life conditions in busy clinical settings.

The robust evidence of dramatically reduced microbial bioburden on copper surfaces is supported by laboratory testing confirming rapid destruction of pathogens’ genomic material (including plasmids) on copper. Horizontal Gene Transfer, a key mechanism in the development of AMR, which occurs on standard touch surfaces, does not take place on copper ones.

Patient outcome studies and cost-benefit research undertaken by York Health Economics Consortium indicate that installing Antimicrobial Copper touch surfaces improves the efficiency of healthcare by significant reduction of both HCAIs and clinical costs, plus freed-up beds.

Use of clinical touch-surface made items from Antimicrobial Copper is a passive adjunctive measure to reduce antibiotic usage, improve patient safety and healthcare efficiency.


22nd–23rd November 2016, Patient First, ExCeL London
  (E, S)

Antimicrobial Copper will be exhibiting in the Infection Control section (Stand K88). Experts will be available to offer impartial information and advice on specifying and procuring products as part of a refurbishment or new build, with the goal of boosting infection control and improving patient safety. Updates on the latest scientific developments will also be available.

“The Case for Antimicrobial Copper”
22 November, 15:45–16:25, Infection Prevention and Control Theatre 1
Professor C W Keevil, Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit in the School of Biological Sciences, will be presenting on copper’s antimicrobial efficacy and its role in infection control.

Breaking the Chain of Infection with Antimicrobial Copper”
23 November, 12:05–12:50, Infection Prevention & Control Theatre 2

Delly Dickson, Service Redesign Manager for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, will present on the benefits and practicalities of an antimicrobial copper installation, based on her experiences at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

(A) = attending only, call / email us if you wish to meet there

(E) = Antimicrobial Copper products exhibited
(S) = Presentation on Antimicrobial Copper
(P) = Conference Poster displayed

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We also arrange private in-house presentations, for:
healthcare professionals (Clinical, IPC, Estates, and Finance)
architects/designers (including a RIBA-approved CPD seminar)
construction professionals
product manufacturers seeking to improve their range

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Antimicrobial Copper Presentation Synopsis

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